Google Ads

NiK has Google ads certified professionals who have managed hundreds of Google ads campaign. The results of our ads campaign are astounding, scalable, and can't be matched.

We manage your Google ads (earlier Google Adwords) account by integrating the keywords to bring organic traffic to your website.

We will develop and launch a synergic Google ads campaign that will increase your sales or leads.

Our goal is to build a winning Google ads campaign for you so you can get immediate leads.

Why You Need Google Ads Account?

Google ads is the best and most effective platform that increases your brand awareness and visibility. It brings more qualified leads to your business and helps reach your customers most appropriately.

Advertising on Google Search

Google ads are cost-effective because it allows you to set a daily budget for each campaign and you have the liberty to choose bid for each ad group and keyword.

But it is not easy to manage your Google ads account, keeping track of your monthly ad spent and choosing the right keywords to get maximum visibility in the highly competitive market.

To manage this hectic yet lucrative task, we are here to help you out. By choosing us to work your Google ads account, you will be satisfied and relax that your account is in the hands of a certified and highly experienced team.

Advertising on Google Search vs SEO

For search engine marketing strategies advertising on Google search is more effective them SEO to generate more leads. An optimized Google ad gives you better and faster results to grow your business.

So, it's clear to get more traffic Google ads is the best option. We even control and optimize the ad as per need. Within a day we can advertise our business to millions selected people.

Our Google Ads Management Services

NiK guarantees you result-driven Google ads management for your eCommerce web page.

Setup and Optimization of Google Ads Campaign

We follow the best strategies to manage your Google ads account and make sure that the advertising on Google search will immediately impact your sales. The steps in setting up and optimizing your Google ads account taken by our team are:

  • Keyword Research: We identify new keywords based on the competition, search volume, and how much visibility you want for your ads.

  • Creating Ads Groups: We develop multiple ads for each group. We also offer copywriter the ad titles and ad description.

  • Budget: Setting up the budget for each ad group.

  • Bid: Formatting different bidding strategies.

  • Configuration: Efficient configuration of the Google ads accounts setting to use the campaign budget effectively.

  • Geographic Target: We setup the geographic target of your ads. We select the country and determine the areas within the countries and different location groups for each campaign.

  • Conversion Tracker: We install a conversion tracking tool that will show you what happens after the customer viewed your ads. It will help in setting up your business performance goals.

Apart from the tasks mentioned above, we will monitor your ad's positions and ensure that Google approves all the keywords.

Monitoring and Reporting

Once your Google ads account is set up and active, we will keep a record of the account's performance. The monitoring of the account will be done through:

  • Monitor the ads campaign and adjust the bids to get maximum return on investment.

  • Asses the conversion rate.

  • Setting the higher portion of the budget to those ads which have a higher conversion rate.

  • Prepare and submit a monthly report to your marketing team. The information will include each ad performance and recommendations.

  • We assure you that you will be 100% satisfied with our Google ads campaign. If you want to pursue our services, kindly get a quote and start increasing your revenue.

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Please feel free to contact us anytime with your Google Ads related queries. We take your request on high priority and strive to come up with the best assistance.

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