Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you want your business to reach the right audience and want to have a 100% conversion rate? If yes, pay per click advertising is an option for you that can fulfill your needs.

With pay per click services the search engine will generate clicks to your website through sponsored advertising and bring more traffic to your website that is more likely to purchase.

Our pay per click advertising experts make sure to reach your ads to the right and 100% targeted audience looking for the exact product or services you offers.

We also guaranteed you satisfactory quality services for your PPC advertising and highly targeted clicks and visitors.

Real-time PPC Advertising Services

The best marketing strategy is to target the right audience at the right time, PPC services does the same for you.

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC is a technology of online advertising which allows you to getting leads and sales from the first day. The best benefit of running a PPC campaign is that you're only charged when your ad is clicked by someone.

It is the digital era, and more than 97% of people are using the internet worldwide and 75% of internet users make online purchases because of the PPC advertising.

If you want to increase your sales and generate more revenue, you have to work on pay per click advertising and increase your online presence.

You can trust on PPC Expert NiK with your Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, and other social media ads management.

We have a determined and qualified team that will help you reach your PPC goal and build your business.

If you choose our PPC services, NiK will assign a dedicated PPC expert to you to manage your ad campaigns and be your contact point at NiK.

Pay per click advertising helps you to reach your target audience. It is one of the successful services that will give you qualified leads and have a higher conversion rate.

Check out our pay per click services, and you can choose your required features or opt for a complete PPC services plan.

NiK's Pay Per Click Process

Pay per click advertising is a complex process. Its success depends on the budget determination, keyword selection, bid placement, ad creation and campaign review. We have a team of PPC experts who are dedicated to maximize your ROI. We include the following steps in our PPC advertising program:-

  • Planning and analysis of product and services: We perform an analysis of your business's existing marketing campaigns and determines where your business stands. After that, in collaboration with our marketing team, we determine a PPC strategy to provide targeted visibility to your business and boost conversion rate and increase ROI.

  • Keyword research, selection and optimization: We research over the keywords and prepare targeted list of keywords or key-phrases to attract high volumes of traffic from search engines. We will do both the positive and the negative keyword research to increase our advertising campaign online presence and rank it high on search networks.

  • Competitor analysis: We will do your competitor's PPC advertising campaign, understand what is lacking in their campaign, and make their advertising campaign stand out.

  • Defining goals: We will define your all goals.

  • Geographic target: We will set the geographic target of your ads. We will select the country and determine the areas within the countries and different location groups for each campaign.

  • Bid estimation: We will formulate different bid strategies for the keywords that rank high on search engines. We pay special attention to the bid strategy because they know that your ad's Google ranking depends upon your CPC bid.

  • Set up daily budget: We will define the daily budget for each ad group which will be spend when someone click on your ads.

  • Creating ad groups: We will create multiple ads for each group. Splitting the ads into smaller groups increases the click-through rate (CTR), creating more targeted landing pages. Our content writing team offers optimized copywriting for the ad titles and description.

  • Ad copy creation: We will create multiple text ad with unique title and description.

  • Landing page optimization: We will optimize the landing pages, modify the content and align them with individual search queries to amplify the conversion rate.

  • Review of keywords: We will review the costly and underperforming keywords. Because you are paying to the search engine on every click, it should also do you a favor. By paying to the search engine, you will get what you want (target the right audience looking for your product and services).

  • Conversion tracking: We will install the conversion tracker to track your website traffic, conversion rate, and sales. It will help in setting your business performance goals.

  • Monitoring of pay per click advertising campaign: We will monitor your PPC advertising campaign's progress through bids, impressions, clicks, and sales. We will adjust the bids to maximize the ROI. We will adjust the ads budget and assign the maximum budget to those ads that have a higher conversion rate.

  • Campaign improvement modification: If necessary then we will modify the campaign accordingly.

  • Campaign progress reporting: PPC Expert NiK will submit your PPC advertising campaign progress report to you daily/ weekly or monthly.

Why to Choose NiK for PPC Services

We're a leading provider of pay per click services in India, here are the few reasons why you should select NiK for creating and managing your pay per click advertising campaign:

  • With more than 10 years of experience in managing PPC campaigns.
  • You get only the quality work at very competitive prices.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • No hidden conditions.
  • Timely reporting.
  • Support via Phone, Email, and Skype from Monday to Friday.
  • You get the best return on your investment (ROI).

Hence, if you're looking for a right PPC expert, you're at right place. NiK is an option for PPC services in India to improve your ROI.

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