Web Development Services

If your business is not online, that means you are living in a stone age. A website serves as a gateway to your business that connects your business to its customers 24/7.

It is high time to make sure your business's online presence by partnering with professional website development services provider NiK to boost your business and generate quality leads.

We will design and develop a website that will be nothing less than a spectacular and 100% professional website that will higher your conversion rate and convert visitors into returning customers.

We carry out an in-depth research into the client's requirements and properly comprehend the business plan to provide the best website development along with following the pre-specified time limited manner.

We guarantee you to develop a client-focused and customer-centric website that will increase your number of customers by converting potential customers into real-time purchasers.

Website Development Services in Noida

Customers -Driven Website Development Services in India

NiK has an in-house team of website development in Noida, specializing in developing a user-friendly, highly responsive, and fully functional website for your business.

We will develop your website right from inception: coding, building, designing, integrating, gauging, and maintaining. We have the expertise to develop websites that can work via intranet or internet.

The website is the face of your brand, and we will develop a visually engaging website for your business that will hook the customers and amplify the revenues.

Process: Web Development Services in Noida

We will do tailored end-to-end website development for your business. Nik has an experienced team who can develop websites like HTML, PHP, WordPress, Wix, and some eCommerce shops like Shopify etc.

We use easy coding for the website development and adds different tools and applications that produce results.

We understand that thought leadership and a process are needed to develop a top-quality website, and we ensured to fulfil these criteria.


Our website developers do extensive research to understand your business and target audience.

We understand what you want out of your website, your business goals, and how you plan to achieve that goal. We also dig into your primary purpose of doing your business online.

Website Development India - Simple to Complex

Once the planning is done, we develop a website according to your needs, demands, and budget. We develop from simple to complex websites efficiently and effectively.

For those clients who need more than just the basics, we develop a complete content management system for them.

Website Review

After developing the website, we launche it on a test server so that you can see that website is working error-free. The test help in experiencing the website review its architecture and do the required changes before the website goes live.

Launch of the Website

Once the website is entirely ready after all the changes and revisions, it is launched on a live server.


NiK is there for its client to help them out and does not leave them halfway through. After the launch of the website, we take care of the website's maintenance to make sure that all the features of the websites are working correctly.

Why Choose SEO Expert NiK

NiK provides award-winning web development services in Noida, India at affordable pricing.

  • Search Engine Optimized: We do not only develope the website for you, but also do the search engine optimization of your website so that your website ranks high on the search engines (Google, Bing etc.) and attracts and engages more traffic.

  • Responsive Website: We will develop a responsive website for its clients. The responsive website makes it easy for your website to be used on any device, and we also give special attention to the website load speed and performs speed optimization.

  • Custom Made Websites: We make completely custom-made websites to bring your vision to life. We tailored the website as per your demands and requirements so that your website can successfully convert your target audience into customers.

  • Fairly Priced: Unlike other providers of website development services in Noida, we do not charge any hidden prices. At the time of quote, all the charges, processes, and time duration are discussed with the client to wave off any confusion.